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June 15, 2020

Alayaron | Alaiaron Bodo Film 1986

Alayaron | Alaiaron Bodo Film 1986

Alayaron is also spelled as Alaiaron by most bodo people. Alayaron means "The Dawn" in English. It is the first bodo feature film released in the year 1986 and also the first bodo film to win the National award. 

Alaiaron Bodo film

We are really proud of Alaiaron film because

  1. It was our first bodo film (directed by bodo people)
  2. It was also the first bodo feature film
  3. It won National film award in 33rd National Film Awards

Best Feature Film in Bodo

In the 33rd National Film Awards, the feature film was categorized into Golden Lotus Award, Silver Lotus Award, and Regional Awards. 

Regional Awards - The award is given to the best film in the regional languages in India. 

Bodo language was earlier just a regional language, but now Bodo language is among the 22 scheduled languages of India. 

“Alayaron won the best feature film in Bodo language in the Regional award category at 33rd National Film Awards.”

Alayaron bodo film 1986 - 33 national film awards

We really thank from the core of our heart to Jwngdao Bodosa for directing such an excellent bodo film and Bodosa Film Productions for bringing it at a screen. 

Alaiaron Bodo Film 1986

Alayaron bodo film is based on the script by Nilkamal Brahma and Hiramba Narzary from the short story Mwdwi Arw Gwlwmdwi (which means "Tears and Sweat" in English) from the short story book of Sirinai Mandar which was written by Nilkamal Brahma and published in 1985. 

Jwngdao has directed it and Amar Narzary, Rohila Brahma is in the lead roles. 

Many people keep on searching for Alaiaron bodo video/Alaiaron bodo film full movie, even look for Alaiaron bodo full movie download purpose. But, unfortunately, we bodo people don't have the Alayaron bodo film copy with us. Since it was a feature film, the Alayaron full movie copy could be with the National Film Archive of India (NFAI).

The Alayaron film could be retrieved as per the rumor, but it's worth in crores now. I hope, someday somebody from our bodo community will bring it for our bodo people. Apart from the 90s people, very few people have seen it. Many people are eagerly waiting to watch it once, as it's one of our most significant achievements of the bodo film industry. 

Alayaron Bodo Film Credits:

  • Movie Name: Alayaron
  • Singer (s):  Arun Narzary, Sulekha Basumatary
  • Lyricist:  Mahini Narzary
  • Starring (s): Amar Narzary, Rohila Brahma
  • Genre: First bodo feature film
  • Director: Jwngdao Bodosa Bodosa
  • Producer / Production House: Bodosa Film Productions
  • Released on: 13 March, 1986

Alayaron songs:

There are total six songs (including the title song)

  1. Alayaron (It's a title song)
  2. Nijwm Somao Jakhangpwiyw
  3. Angni Be Dwngse Methai
  4. Pwilao Bikhayao
  5. Be Songsarao Gwiya Gwiya
  6. Ang Khwnayw

Listen to Alayaron Bodo Film Full Movie Audio

Credit: Video is embedded from the Youtube Official channel of Hiranya Narzary

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