Alfred Basumatary

Who is Alfred Basumatary? You'll get the answer if you search for number 1 YouTuber in the Bodoland, Assam. Yes, Alfred is a Vlogger on YouTube since 2014, and since the last three years, Alfred has maintained the positioned of no. 1 Youtuber in the BTR, Assam. And it'll be quite difficult for others to go ahead of him as Alfred is proactively working on his channel, his subscribers count, and views growth is so impressive. He has also launched another new channel called Boroni Alfred, where he uploads in pure Bodo language only (much to the delight of many Bodo people request since the beginning).

Alfred has two active YouTube channels now. Alfred Basumatary is the primary one through which he has achieved great success, fame, and a name among the Bodo household. Everyone in the Bodoland now knows him as a great YouTuber. 

  1. Alfred Basumatary (1st YouTube channel)
  2. Boroni Alfred (2nd YouTube channel)

1. Alfred Basumatary

He has launched his first YouTube channel on his name. Alfred Basumatary is the first and primary YouTube channel of his. 

Alfred Basumatary Channel stats (on 11 Sept 2020)

  1. Created on 9 May 2014 
  2. Subscribers count = 340,000
  3. Total views = 82,568,277 (that's 8 crores and 25 lakhs+) WOW!
  4. Highest views video = 27 M (that's 2 crores and 7 lakhs+).
    • Kokrajhar Market Scene (India, Assam) = This particular video of our local kokrajhar market uploaded two years back on 19 July 2018, has garnered 27,915,365 views and got 3000+ comments.
  5. First viral video = 9.6 M (that's 96 lakhs+). 
    • Food Eating Contest (Johny Jacob Vs. Ezan Pull) = This particular video is the one that has changed the life of Alfred. Before this video went viral, his Vlogging journey growth was slow. Once this video went viral, his subscribers count skyrocketed, views increased, income started rolling in, and since then, there is no stopping. 
    • It was a kind of booster for Alfred. It encouraged him, instilled more confidence.
  6. Brand Ambassador to Dwijing Festival
    • Yes, in the Year 2017-18, he got selected as a Brand Ambassador to the Dwijing festival

We would also like to mention the other second and third position Youtubers of the Bodoland, and they are:

   2. RB Film Productions (279,999 subscribers count as on 11 Sept 2020)

   3. SB Cine Production (173,000 subscribers count as on 11 Sept 2020)

Note: If you check the above stats, you can see that Alfred is far ahead. Also, Alfred is an individual Vlogger. He is mainly into Travel, Food, Interviewing etc. RB film productions and SB cine production are into music video and film production. Their uploads are only related to music and movies, whereas Alfred's content is always something unique and new refreshing, which people love to see it. 

There are many other individuals Vlogger like Alfred in Bodoland, but their subscribers' count is still below 1.5 lakh to date. For more details, do check out Top YouTubers in Bodoland

2. Boroni Alfred

On 5 Sept 2020, he started a new YouTube channel where he uploads a travel videos (right now places within the Bodoland, BTR regions) in the pure Bodo language. 

Since he used a mixture of Bodo and English in his primary channel, many Bodo people requested him to upload videos in the Bodo language only, so this new Boroni Alfred YouTube channel was launched. 

Boroni Alfred Channel stats (on 11 Sept 2020)

Note: It was his old YouTube channel. He renamed it and Officially uploaded a new video on 5 Sept 2020 only, so we can assume that it only got operational from this particular Sept date.

  1. Created on 7 Aug, 2017
  2. Subscribers count = 11,100
  3. Total views = 44,071

So, getting 11,000+ subscribers in almost a month is an outstanding achievement; if he continues his momentum of new posts uploading frequency, he will achieve the 1 lakh milestone before he hits a year.