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September 28, 2020

Ang Dongo Official Teaser | ft. Manish and Fungbili | 2020

Ang Dongo Official Teaser Details

Ang Dongo is a new Bodo romantic video featuring Manish and Fungbili in the lead role. The song is sang by Phukan and Nitamoni.

The video will be released soon. The Official teaser is out produced by R.Sanzarang Entertainment.

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Ang Dongo Official Teaser Credits:

  • Song Title: Ang Dongo
  • Singer (s):  Phukan Boro, Nitamoni Boro
  • Lyricist (s):  ?
  • Starring (s): Manish Swargiary, Fungbili
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Director : Lee Shaan Ramy
  • Released on: 2020
  • Production house / YouTube channel: R.Sanzarang Entertainment

Ang Dongo Lyrics

It will be updated once the song is released till then enjoy the teaser video.

Watch Ang Dongo Official Teaser Video

Credit: Video is embedded from the YouTube Official channel- R.Sanzarang Entertainment

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