Dhwrwm Khungur Swargiary

Dhwrwm Khungur Swargiary is a model first then actor. He started modeling from 2016 and on 2018, he was the only Indian, to represent India in the Mister Global 2018, the world modeling competition held in Bangkok in 2018. Apart from Mister Global India 2018, his other achievements were

  • Fair and lovely Men
  • Mega Mr Northeast 2016
  • Mr East India
  • Mister Popular

We are really proud of Dhwrwm for bringing name and fame to our Bodo community through this Modeling work.

Apart form modeling, he is also a very good actor. He have acted in few musical video albums.

Dhwrwm Khungur Swargiary

Dhwrwm Khungur Swargiary

Biography of Dhwrwm Khungur Swargiary

  • Name - Dhwrwm Khungur Swargiary
  • D.O.B - 
  • Hometown - Deulkuchi village in Baksa district (Assam)
  • Education - Bachelor of Architecture,  KN  Modi University  (Jaipur,  Rajasthan)
  • Profession - Model and Actor
  • Marital Status - Unmarried (Updated on 30 May 2020)
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Dhwrwm's Music Video List:

  1. Nwngkhou Lana (2019)
  2. Siriywi (2019)
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