Lingshar Basumatary is a Bodo artist. He is a young and handsome actor in the Bodo Film Industry of Bodoland, Assam. He has acted in many Bodo films and is quite popular among people and his fans.

Lingshar Basumatary

Lingshar Basumatary

Biography of Lingshar Basumatary

  • Name: Lingshar Basumatary
  • D.O.B: 
  • Hometown: Currently lives in Kokrajhar, Assam
  • Siblings: NA
  • Education: 

  • Profession: Actor
  • Marital Status - Single (as of 23 June 2020)

First Movie

Lingshar started his professional acting career from the Jwhwlao bodo film in 2014. 

First Live Stage Performance

Lingshar did a first live stage dance performance in the Bodo film Gwthar premier show in 2019.

Enjoy the live dance show video below.

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 Lingshar Movie List:

  1. Gwthar (2019)
  2. Onnai (2018) 
  3. Ang Boro (2017)
  4. Mr. Dugga Boro (2017)
  5. Simang Baidi (2015)
  6. Jwhwlao (2014)

 Lingshar Song List:

  1. Simangao unlimit (2020)
  2. Agwi Sona (2020)
  3. Daoharu (2020)
  4. Angni gwsw (2019)
  5. Nwngni Megonni Nwjwra (2018)
  6. Jrao Jraowa Jrao (2018)
  7. Gwswa Gwswni (2018)
  8. Gwrbw khonayao ma dong (2017)
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