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August 20, 2020

Baogwmayw Ang Lyrics | ft. Hirok and Eliza | 2020

Baogwmayw Ang lyrics is a wonderful romantic song sung by Malen Narzary and Nitamoni Boro. The lyrics was given by Malen himself. Starring Hirok Rabha and Eliza Muchahary. 

Most of the scenes are taken in the Kokrajhar town itself. It's a beautiful song with great lyrics. 

Baogwmayw Ang Bodo Song Credits:

  • Song Title: Baogwmayw Ang
  • Singer (s): Malen Narzary, Nitamoni Boro
  • Lyricist: Malen Narzary
  • Starring (s): Hirok Rabha, Eliza Muchahary
  • Genre: Romanatic
  • Director: Purna Basumatary
  • Producer: Riya Brahma
  • Movie: Video
  • Released on: 2020
  • Production house / YT channel:  RB FILM PRODUCTIONS

Baogwmayw Ang Lyrics

<male voice>
Baogwmayw ang gaokhounw
Nwngkhou serao mwnwbwla)
<female voice>
Gobolangyw ang nwngni onnaiyao
Nwngkhoulo orai hasthaiywswi ang

<male voice>
(Fagunni jaoliya bara bilirlangbla
Nwngkhousw nongswi angyw
Nwngni onnai mwnna
Nwngnw gwsw hwna
Gaokkhou gwjwnnai mwnw) - 2 times

<female voice>
Simang sujuyw baidi gabni
Nwngkhou lananwi
Gwrbw khonayao

<male voice>
Thagwmayw ang naywi naywi
Gaodang okhafwr nwngni mohorao


<male voice>
Gwsw angni gwsw
Dorsi mwnw
Nwng gwiyabla

<female voice>
Sahara gwiya raobw
Angni jiuao
Nwngni onga
Megonao nwjwrao gwrbw mondirao
Nwnglo nwngloswi jeraobw
Angni jiuao...

<malen voice>
Angbwdi hala thangna thanw
Nwngni ongaywi
Gwrbw hasthaiyw megonabw nagirw
Nwngkhoulo nwngkhoulo


<female voice>
Nwngjwng thabwla
Barlangyw soma mabwla
Jebw thor mwnla
Nwngkhou mwnnanwi khongkhla angni
Gwrbwkhou abung mwnswi

<male voice>
Nwngni somaina
Mohora angkhou di muhihwyw
Mininaiya bwdwr khalamsinw
Sara mulug songsarkhou baojwblangnanwi
Nwngjwng lwgwse gwrwbflenanwi jiukhou
Gwjwnwi hogarhorgwn

<combined male & female voice>
Sanwijwng mini khusiywi
Sanwijwng rongja bajaywi
Sanwijwng alw gwjwnwi...

This is the end of Baogwmayw ang lyrics. If you find any mistake in lyrics of Baogwmayw ang song, then please send us the correct lyrics using contact us form.

Watch Baogwmayw Ang Video Song

Credit: Video is embedded from the Youtube Official channel - RB FILM PRODUCTIONS

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