New Bodo Song 2020

We are in 2020, and we are always looking for the latest new Bodo song 2020. Your search ends here. Regularly, we are updating this page with the new Bodo songs released this year 2020. Every month, you'll get to see a minimum of 10 new Bodo songs 2020 updated here. You can enjoy the video/audio/mp3 and, finally, the lyrics of the same.

Impact of COVID 19 Lockdown in the Bodo Music Industry

We all know how dangerous COVID 19 is and how careful we should be to prevent ourselves and keep others safe. To prevent the COVID 19 from spreading, the government imposed lockdown nationwide. This lockdown undoubtedly has impacted the industry a lot, be it International, National level, or our very own Bodo Music Industry.

Because of the lockdown, all the Bodo films are on hold, there might be some lyrics ready for the movies, but since it's on hold, the songs are also on hold. 

Lyricists kept working on their lyrics, and few singers who have access to the studio have produced the Bodo audio song. During the relaxed lockdown period, few production houses shot a few videos in our local BTC area; those got released on the YouTube channel. Those new Bodo video song 2020, we will keep updating them here for you.

Update: Though COVID-19 is still not over (and we're not saved until every body on the Earth is not vaccinated),

  • A lot of Bodo musical videos are getting released by various Production houses in Bodoland. Thanks to the whole team involve in it. 
  • Bodo films/movies - So far, only short film/clips are released, the full featured Bodo film is not released yet and seems like this year, it will be difficult to release.

New Bodo Song 2020 Download - Video/Audio/MP3

Like every time you want to download your favorite video/audio, you can do it by visiting any youtube video downloader websites or using the one I am using right now. - this is the website, I am using right now to download any YouTube videos (whether video or audio), you can also convert into MP3 and download it. 

Note: Be careful while using, this kind of websites generally have lots of advertisement, and some ads are tricky and may be bad for your system (mobile/laptop/desktop/iPad, etc.). So never open those ads, close them.

So, now you know how to get your favorite new bodo song 2020 mp3 download free. So enjoy your new bodo song mp3 2020. 

Bodo Bwisagu Song 2020

This year, because of the COVID 19 situation, we bodo people couldn't enjoy the Bwisagu festival. But thanks to our talented bodo singers who keep on entertaining us with their new bwisagu songs, many singers have released bodo bwisagu song 2020, and it was awesome, it made us feel the bwisagu vibes in us.

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