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October 2, 2020

Boro Gami Lyrics | by Kiranjit Basumatary | 2020

Boro Gami Lyrics Details

Boro Gami is a new bodo song released in Feb 2020 this year. Bimal Basumatary wrote the lyrics and Kiranjit Basumatary sang the song. Directed by Micheal Muchahary, the video featuring Bithari and the Six Diaries. 

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In Bodo language, Bodo Gami means Bodo Village. This musical video tries to depict the lifestyle of Bodo people living in the Bodo Gami/Village.

This wonderful musical video was the second musical video from Kiranjit. The first being the Fwi lwi agwi fwi released last year in 2019. 

Enjoy the Bodo folk song.

Boro Gami Bodo Song Credits:

  • Song Title: Boro Gami
  • Singer: kiranjit Basumatary
  • Lyricist: Bimal Basumatary
  • Starring (s): Bitharai and Six Diaries
  • Genre: Folk
  • Director: Micheal Muchahary
  • Movie: Video
  • Released on: 2020
  • Production house / Production house: Kiranjit Basumatary Production

Boro Gami Lyrics

(Swrangsi swrangsi oka naisi naisi
Agwi maibarini metai konnai
Kwnadwng rwmwi rwmwi) - 2 times

(Dum dum dam dam mai swonai
Daola behrani gisernai) - 2 times
Laokar gotopwrni sifungni Dengkhwjwng
(ringkhangdwng boro gami) - 2 times

Adwi laodumni hal hwlangnai
Ruatipwrni hasibni dengkwjwng
(Ringkhangdwng boro gami) - 2 times
(Dum dum dam dam mai swonai
Daola behrani gisernai) - 2 times
Laokar gotopwrni sipungni dengkwjwng
(Ringkhangdwng boro gami) - 2 times

(Abwini guju guju or sainai
Bere pungjani kasi lana) - 2 times
Mai hanw wnkarnaijwng
Somaidwng boro gami
Lwi abwi boro gami
Boro gami lwi abwi
Boro gami

This is the end of Boro Gami lyrics. If you find any mistake in lyrics of Boro Gami song, then please send us the correct lyrics using contact us form.

Watch Boro Gami Video Song

Credit: Video is embedded from the YouTube Official channel - KIRANJIT BASUMATARY PRODUCTION

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