DKB Productions

DKB Productions is registered as DKB Productions Pct Ltd. Dipak Kumar Basumatary is the owner. The production house has been named after him, as DKB stands for Dipak Kumar Basumatary. Dipak is mainly a lyricist.

DKB productions was founded in 2017, specializing in music video production. From their YouTube channel (link shared below), we can figure out that most of the music videos they have produced are mainly audio ones.

All the Bodo songs by DKB Productions, either from the Audio/Video music or Bodo Film, will be shared here:

  1. Rwirub gusuthini (2020)
  2. Simangfuri (2019)
  3. Jwngthi Hatorkhi (2019)
  4. Baogarhaywi Gwsw (2018)

You can connect with DKB Productions via

  1. YouTube channel, click here.
    • Created on 13 May 2015.
  2. Facebook page, click here.
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