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October 13, 2020

Fwidw Lwgwfwr Lyrics | ft. Riya Brahma | 2020

Fwidw Lwgwfwr Lyrics Details

Fwidw Lwgwfwr is a new Bodo song released by RB film productions in July 2020. Riya produced the video and also starred herself in it. Kulen wrote the lyrics, and Anjali sang the song.

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Fwidw Lwgwfwr is a bodo music video showcasing one of the Bodo cultures. It's about how the Bodo girls go with friends and happily enjoy catching fish using traditionally made bamboo fishing tools called Jekhai and Khobai. These Jekhai and Khobai are used by all Bodo people in the paddy fields during the monsoon season.

For the first time, I heard Anjali Sona Basumatary sing, and she has a lovely voice. I love her singing, and the overall lyrics are fantastic.

Fwidw Lwgwfwr Bodo Song Credits:

  • Song Title: Fwidw Lwgwfwr
  • Singer: Anjali Sona Basumatary
  • Lyricist: Kulen Basumatary
  • Starring / Producer: Riya Brahma
  • Genre:
  • Director: Purna Basumatary
  • Movie: Video
  • Released on: Bodo song 2020
  • Production house / YouTube channel: RB Film Productions

Fwidw Lwgwfwr Lyrics

Sensa bilwao fwidw lwgwfwr
Na, kangkrai, samo, Engkhaori, gangjema
(Jo-jo gurhwini fwi
Jo-jo homhwini fwi
Sensa bilwao) - 2 times


Hokhang gafa kobaifa
Na singi, na magur

Hokhang gafa kobaifa
Engkhaori, gangjema, khangkrai, samo
Wi jngni sensa bilwa…
Singi, magur gaogwn mujang wi gur
Gangjemaya sugwn mwjang wi hom
(Wi jwngni lwgwfwr) - 2 times


Bari khona ni nareng jumbra
Safa taifa lebkalaidw
Bari khona ni sikun Bamlu
Tufle tufle unfle kadw
Lwgwfwr Sonathi, Mwinathi
Mwdwi golai jase jalainwswi
Gusti jahablainai jalaini jwng
(wi jwngni lwgwfwr) - 2 times


Sensa bilwa fwidw lwgwfwr
na, kangkrai, samo, Engkaori, gangjema
(Jo-jo gurhwini fwi
Jo-jo homhwini fwi
Hwi sensa bilwao)-2

This is the end of Fwidw Lwgwfwr lyrics. If you find any mistake in lyrics of Fwidw Lwgwfwr song, then please send us the correct lyrics using contact us form.

Watch Fwidw Lwgwfwr Video Song

Credit: Video is embedded from the YouTube Official channel - RB Film Productions

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