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June 23, 2020

Gwswa Gwswni Lyrics | ft. Lingshar and Fuji | 2018

Gwswa Gwswni Lyrics Details

Gwswa Gwswni is a Bodo song released in 2018. Bitu Narzary and Nawanita sang the song. Featuring Lingshar and Fuji in the lead role.

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The Gwswa Gwswni bodo song is a romantic one.

Gwswa Gwswni Bodo Song Credits:

Gwswa Gwswni Lyrics

Gwswa Gwswni gwrbwa gwrbwni
Khwtha bungnw lenghoryw orai serao
Megona megonni megon singni khwtha
phwrmainw roje lenghoryw orai serao
Nwngkhou nuabla dorsi dorsi mwnyw
Nwngkhou nuabla sidwb sidwb gwsw
Benga benga mwnyw swler
Benga benga mwnyw megon
Gwswa gwswni gwrbwa gwrbwni
Khwtha bungnw lenghoryw orai serao


Pagli pagli sanfrang bai swi ang
Nwngkhounw sanna nwi siri siri
Janaiao lwngnaiao maonaiao dangnaiao
Lekha forainaiao gwsw jowa
Sansi khwla jalangyw swrang hwfwyw
(Dunghao swlerkhou nwng siri) - 2 times


Ransrao ransrao gwrbw jaharao
Ransrao ransaro joumwn swler
Sukhuwa sukhuwa gwjwna gwjwna
Gwsw gwrbw joumwn swler
Nwngni mohor mwkhang
Gwsw gwrbwkhou
(Haya baonw sona
Orai ang) - 2 times

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Credit: Video is embedded from the Youtube Official channel RB Film Productions

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