May 28, 2020

Gwthar Bodo Full Movie | 2019

Gwthar Bodo Full Movie | 2019

Gwthar is a bodo feature film released in 2019. It is another superb movie after the last Onnai bodo film released in the previous year by Riya Brahma. We are happy that our bodo film industry is improving a lot regularly.

Gwthar in English means Pure. Gwthar bodo film is about an Innocent boy who turns into a rebel when his life, love, and family becomes a victim of a conspiracy.

Mwnthai (Lingshar) is an innocent college boy who lives with his family in Kokrajhar town. When his elder brother, a civil engineer, gets into a problem with the local goons, Mwnthai finds himself dragged into a fight, which seems much more massive than he can handle. Rest is how he struggles to protect his family and his love.

Gwthar Bodo Full Movie Credits:

  • Movie Name: Gwthar
  • Starrings: Lingshar, Pooja, Riya Brahma, Sukhbir, Rajarshri, Thaklai, Biju, Leena, Fwila, Mandela, etc
  • Singers: Bitu, Gitashree, Nippan, Swmkwr & Devnarayan
  • Script: Pankaj Lahary, Riya Narzary
  • Director: Raja Narzary
  • Producer: Riya Brahma
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Production House: RB Film Productions Pvt Ltd

Gwthar bodo film full movie

If you are looking for a Gwthar new bodo full movie, you can watch it below (we have embedded the film so that you can watch it).

Watch Gwthar Bodo Full Movie Online

Credit: Video is embedded from the Youtube Official channel of RB FILM PRODUCTIONS

Gwthar bodo full movie download

Instead of watching right now, if you want to download Gwthar full movie then check how to download any Youtube movies.

Gwthar Bodo Song List:

Movies are incomplete without a song. Bodo movies too have 4-5 songs int he movies. We are sure you are looking for an Gwthar bodo song download option, no worries. We have covered all the Onnai bodo film song below:

  1. Mwina mwina
  2. Awngni Gwsw
  3. Resting coming soon.

I hope, you enjoyed the Gwthar bodo full movie 2019. 

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