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August 6, 2020

Hayao Dong Lyrics | ft. Swmausar and Juli | Hainamuli 7 | 2019

Hayao Dong lyrics in bodo is a romantic song from the latest flick of  Hainamuli series film i.e., Hainamuli 7. 

Hayao Dong song was sung by Jihul and Nitamoni and the song was written by Jihul himself. Starring Swmausar and Juli. It's a romantic song was is from the Hainamuli 7 film released in 2019.

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Hayao Dong Bodo Song Credits:

  • Song Title: Hayao Dong
  • Singer (s): Jihul, Nitamoni
  • Lyricist: Jihul
  • Starring (s): Swmausar, Juli
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Director: Dipak Istry Narzary
  • Producer: Fwila Borgoyary, Guru Pabitra
  • Movie: Hainamuli 7
  • Released on: 2019
  • Production house / YT channel: SB choreography

Hayao Dong Lyrics

<female voice>
Hayao dong okrangao dong
Mitiya bobeyao dong
Dwiyao dong bwriyao dong
Gwswa bobeyao hai dong
Nwngkhou lwgw mwnnai niprai nw
Mitiya bobeyao hai dong

<male voice>
Sandungao dong saiklumao dong
Gwswa nwngjwngnw dong
Gwjwo ao dong gahai ao dong
Swlera nwngjwngnw dong
Nwngkhou mwjang mwnnainiprainw
Jiuabw nwngjwngnw dong


<female voice>

Habrangao barnai bibarkha
Kurkagwn biyw sansekha
Dwini daharjwng ang bwrwi taorinw

<male voice>
Bukar biyw tabtagwn angni be guar bikhyao
Bwjobnanwi lagwn angni guar bikhayao
Nongadi nwngw harsing
Agan jwng agan surgwn

<female voice>
Sannai dong gikangnai dong
Bikhayao mai swonai dong

<male voice>

Kwmsiyao dong swrangao dong
Buhumao nwngjwngnw dong


<male voice>

Simangao tabai tananga
Mwgthangao biyw pwikaya
Kwmsi mulugao nwng andai nanga

<female voice>
Jaoliya barnai barnaijwng
Megon gwsa sandung dungnaijwng
Ranlangnw bese gwbao pungni nihwra
Hagwnda rwikati nwg gaouni ose sannanwi

<male voice>
Hangao dong barao dong
Sanki hor nwngjwngnw dong

<female voice>
Sigangao dong eyunnao dong
Tangnanwi tasandi dong


This is the end of Hayao Dongo lyrics. If you find any mistake in lyrics of Hayao Dongo song, then please send us the correct lyrics using contact us form.

Watch Hayao Dong Video Song

Credit: Video is embedded from the Youtube Official channel - SB choreography

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Hayao Dong Lyrics | ft. Swmausar and Juli | Hainamuli 7 | 2019

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