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September 30, 2020

Kwmsi Jieu Lyrics | by Jayabrata and Usha Rani | 2020

Kwmsi Jieu lyrics in bodo is a new song released in May 2020 (during the COVID 19 lockdown). Dipak wrote the lyrics, and Jayabrata and Usha Rani sang the song.

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This Kwmsi Jieu audio song is a bit romantic as well as sad.
In bodo language, Kwmsi means Dark and Jieu means Life. So it means Dark Life.

As per the DKB Productions channel, they explain the song story as:

This song is all about how one gets separated from someone by time and distance, but still feel connected. When you love someone deeply, it's tough to forget. No matter what, you will love, bring a smile, and try your best to keep your family happy. But there will always be a soft corner in your heart that will echo when you will sit alone and think about your Life's past experiences like the beautiful moments you spent in your Life. Here, this lyric tells us that our relationship is too strong and has been taken away but not broken.

Kwmsi Jieu Bodo Song Credits:

  • Song Title: Kwmsi Jieu
  • Singer (s):  Jayabrata Islary, Usha Rani Brahma
  • Lyricist: Dipak Basumatary
  • Genre (s):
  • Movie: Audio
  • Released on: 2020
  • Recording: Lwihwr Recording Studio
  • Production house / YT channel: DKB Productions 

Kwmsi Jieu Lyrics

<male voice>
Manwdi Gwswa Dinwi
Gwjan Gwjan Mwnnw
Manwdi Gwswa Dinwi
Harsing Harsing Mwnnw
(Mwnnw Nwngkownw serao) - 2 times


<female voice>
Raha gwiya
kwmsi jieuyao
Dwnkwmabayw Gwrwbao
Onnai nwngni
Burkaiswi megonni mwdwi

<male voice>
Fwiywi Fwywi
Gwjan lama
Andalangbysw manw

Bwi Gwjwn bublini somfwra
Nagirfinbaoyw manw
Gwjwn jieuni finnai


<female voice>

Bilirfwiyw sudem bar jana
Gelefwiyw nijwm horni simangao..
(Garbwnai simang mijingfwra dinwibw) - 2 times

<male voice>
Manwdi gwswa dinwi
Gwjan gwjan mwnnw
Manwdi gwswa dinwi
Harsing harsing mwnnw

This is the end of Kwmsi Jieu lyrics. If you find any mistake in lyrics of Kwmsi Jieu song, then please send us the correct lyrics using contact us form.

Listen to Kwmsi Jieu Audio Song

Credit: Video is embedded from the YouTube Official channel - DKB Productions

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