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August 21, 2020

Minislu Minilainanwi Lyrics | ft. Swrang and Tomi | 2020

Minislu minilainanwi lyrics in bodo is a romantic song sung by Tajim Narzary. Starring Swrang Basumatary and Tomi Narzary. 

The Official YT channel (SB CINE PRODUCTION) - has describe the song very well. I am just copy pasting the same here for your reference:

This video shows the secret love of a village boy towards a ‘city girl.’ The video shows the events that unfold when the girl returns to her native village for vacation. The village life and traditional practice of paddy cultivation is also shown in great detail. The boy playfully pokes fun at the girl in the course of paddy cultivation to draw her attention and also to express his love for her. In the end the girl too falls in love with this simple village boy.

Note: Those who aren't familiar with the Bodo language, you can check out the English subtitle, the transcript of the same is also shared on the channel.

Minislu Minilainanwi Bodo Song Credits:

  • Song Title: Minislu Minilainanwi
  • Singer: Tajim Narzary
  • Lyricist: 
  • Starring (s): Swrang Basumatary, Tomi Narzary
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Director / Producer: Swrang Basumatary
  • Movie: Video
  • Released on: 2020
  • Production house / YT channel: SB CINE PRODUCTION

Minislu Minilainanwi Lyrics

(Minislu minilainanwi
Akai ao kitili lananwi
Warwi nonga horwi naithingnai
Dubli ao nwngni wnkam hwinai) - 2 times

First kwgwdan alisw biyw
Alia dabw gurwisw
First kwgwdan alisw biyw
Alia dabw gwrlwisw
Naiwai naiwai tabailang nwng
Mujangwai tabailang
Bwrwiba galingwn bw nwng
Gahena gwlwigwnbw


(Pre pre pre okha hanaijwng
Fwilao dubliao daobo birnaijwng
Bese somaidwng bese romaidwng) - 2 times

Lajislu lajinai mai gainai
Lajislu lajinai khwtia funai
Gwdan mugani siklafwr raijlainai
Ese enwi khounw
kuga fangte fangte minibainai
Ese enwi khounw taotelefani raijlaibainai


Dajalwi nwngha gubun sikla baidi
Selfie lanwlo mai gaibai baigra
Khamani maonw lenghorbai baibla
Sing safla baigra
Khamani maonw lenghorbai baibla
Bahana kalam baigra

Nwi agwi sonai
(Sohorao tahwinai
Gamiao deglaisw nujafwinai...) - 2 times

This is the end of Minislu minilainanwi lyrics. If you find any mistake in lyrics of Minislu minilainanwi song, then please send us the correct lyrics using contact us form.

Watch Minislu Minilainanwi Video Song

Credit: Video is embedded from the YouTube Official channel - SB CINE PRODUCTION

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