Nayan Borgoyary is a singer, he have sung many Bodo songs for Bodo music video albums and for the Bodo movies. 

Nayan Borgoyary

Nayan Borgoyary

Biography of Nayan Borgoyary

  • Name - Nayan Borgoyary
  • D.O.B - 
  • Hometown - Vill = Dogor para, Salakati. Kokrajhar district (Assam)
  • Profession - 
  • Marital Status - 

Nayan Borgoyary new Bodo song 2020

Nayan Borgoyary bodo song that were released in the 2020 are listed below. Enjoy the Nayan Borgoyary new bodo video.

  1. Long Pant Ganna Da Mwsa 
  2. Simangao unlimit

Nayan Borgoyary Song Download

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