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September 22, 2020

Swrang Lyrics | ft. Omprakash | by Biraj | 2018

Swrang lyrics in bodo is a wonderful bodo song sung by Biraj. Featuring Omprakash Kherkatary. 

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First time in the Bodo music industry, the video has been shot in many different International locations. As per the description shared by Shivam Productions in the video, the music video was shot in our Country, India (Meghalaya, Andaman and Nicobar Islands), and then International places like Germany (Frankfurt), Switzerland (Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Jungfraujoch, Bern), Italy (Florence, Rome, Venice), France (Paris), Russia (St. Petersburg). Indeed, all of them are beautiful locations.

Swrang means light in bodo language. Kudos to the lyrics and voice of Biraj. It's a charming song. Those who don't understand the Bodo language, the English subtitles embedded by Jeetumoni Basumatary in the video song, will help you. 

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Swrang Bodo Song Credits:

  • Song Title: Swrang
  • Lyricist / Singer: Biraj Mushahary
  • Starring: Omprakash Kherkatary
  • Director: Vishal P.Chaliha
  • Released on: 2018
  • Production house / YT channel: Shivam Productions

Swrang Lyrics

Swrang hwyw
Nwng angni jiuao
Gwjwng labwyw
Nwng angni jiuao

Sudem barni bilirnai
Gwthang hani mwdwmnai
Udang daosin birbainai
Gaoni thangkhi nagirnai
Nwng jananwi
Jiu hwyw nwngw
Okha jananwi
Gaoni angw sannanwi

Fwrmainw nwng hado
Jiuni gwbang khourang lana
Jaikhlong jana
Hanthi nw nwng hado
Somni thinnayao mwdan
Jwmwi jana
Nwng jananwi
Jiu hwyw
Okha jannwi
Gaoni angw sannanwi

Horni okhwrangao okhafwr jana
Mini horw
Fungni swrangao sikhiri jana
Raidao horw
Horni okhwrangao okhafwr jana
Mini horw
Fungni swrangao sikhiri jana
Raidao horw nwngni
Sanso haywi dengkhw bwna
Bungso haywi rao hwna

This is the end of Swrang lyrics. If you find any mistake in lyrics of Swrang song, then please send us the correct lyrics using contact us form.

Watch Swrang Video Song

Credit: Video is embedded from the YouTube Official channel - Shivam Productions

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